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Heroin Detox at Home: Is It Dangerous?

Detoxing from heroin is dangerous, and should never be attempted outside of a medical facility. Withdrawals can cause serious health…

How to Practice Gratitude in Recovery

Practicing gratitude in recovery can be using a gratitude journal, meditating on gratitude, and telling your loved ones how grateful…

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Rehab costs vary depending on the treatment center. Most offer many different payment options and accept numerous private health insurance…

How Common is Benzo Addiction

Have you wondered how common is benzo addiction? The answer to this question may surprise you. Learn what NJ Rehabs has to say on the subject.

What Happens In a Medical Detox?

Medical detoxification is the first step in an addiction recovery process. For example, someone who relies heavily on alcohol or…

Am I an Addict?

Am I An Addict? How do I know? Am I an addict? Millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol…

What Are The Long Term Effects of Snorting Adderall?

Snorting Adderall gives us an example of what researchers call non-medical prescription stimulant use (NPSU). Snorting, or sniffing Adderall, has consequences. One might sense some of those consequences immediately. But other consequences might not show up until later in life. We ought not to consume medications that do not belong to us. Furthermore, we should only take medications in the proper way.

How To Identify A Drug Addict

You have a reason for wanting to know how to identify a drug addict. You’ve noticed a change in your son. Your sister seems different somehow. Maybe Mom has become sullen or withdrawn. Are there signs of a drug problem?

Marijuana Dependence and Its Treatment

Millions of people whose family members or parents have indulged in drug and alcohol abuse wonder if it’s something they too might fall into – especially if they have already begun the substance abuse themselves.