Am I an Addict?

Am I An Addict? How do I know?

Am I an addict? Millions of people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. However, some people aren’t sure whether they are an addict. For example, people might think they only get drunk a little more often than they would like. Other times, they might be able to drink socially and limit the amount they drink. The situation here could be a sign of addiction.

There are some things to consider to help determine whether you need help for an addiction.

Relationship Issues

Just about everyone who has an addiction experiences relationship issues as a result of their drinking or drugging. Often one of these issues is what leads them to first ask themselves am I an addict? However, there are people without an addiction who have relationship issues, as well.

The best way to tell if the relationship problems you have are due to addiction include:

  • Alcohol and drug use causes you to be disrespectful to those you care about
  • Substances are your escape from emotions rather than talking to those you love
  • Lying to friends or family members about whether you use substances
  • Stealing from your friends or family to get money for alcohol or drugs

If you can relate to these issues, you likely have an addiction. The good news is that you can get help for addiction through our treatment services.

School and Work Issues

Sometimes, people with addiction start having issues with their school or work life. Again, a problem or failure here may be the first thing that leads them to ask am I an addict? In that sense, failing out of school could be a blessing if it leads to someone getting help.

Some signs that this is happening as a result of harmful substances include:

  • Not getting schoolwork or work tasks done because you are under the influence
  • Not showing up to school or work because you are hungover or high
  • Getting fired from a job or being suspended from your school as a result of substance use

People who have an alcohol or drug addiction sometimes find it tough to do school and work tasks. If you have these issues, try not to feel ashamed. The longer you hide behind your addiction, the worse it can get.

Health and Social Consequences

You may experience health and social issues as a result of drinking or drugging, too. A health issue related to drugs or alcohol could be another inspiration to ask yourself am I an addict?

Some signs that an addiction is causing these issues include:

  • Using one drug without a prescription to alleviate side effects of a different drug
  • Needing medical treatment due to substance use
  • Facing health problems but continuing to drink or use drugs
  • Feeling like you can’t function or handle life responsibilities
  • Overdosing due to drug use
  • Alcohol poisoning

If you have or are experiencing these health and social consequences, don’t hesitate to get into addiction treatment today.

Criminal Behavior or Deviance

Unfortunately, many people do get into trouble with the law when using drugs or alcohol. If you end up with a criminal record due to possession or some behavior related to drugs, you may want to ask yourself am I an addict? . Others may become deviant, as well.

Some signs that your addiction is leading to criminal behavior or deviance include:

  • Manipulating doctors to get prescription medications
  • Using substances from dealers
  • Stealing prescription medications from loved ones or friends
  • Stealing money or products from stores to get cash for alcohol or drugs
  • Getting a DUI
  • Not feeling in control over your actions

Addictions can drive people to do things that are out of character. In some instances, people will commit a crime to obtain the drugs they want. Others might commit a crime because they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Have you been experiencing any of these issues? Do you not seem like yourself anymore due to drug or alcohol abuse? If so, don’t wait any longer. Reach out to our team for addiction treatment.

Tolerance and Cravings

People who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol build up a tolerance to the substances. The tolerance means you need more of the substance to get the same effects you first used it.

An addiction can cause people to develop cravings, as well. The cravings you have for drugs or alcohol might range from mild to severe.

Things to Do if You Have a Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Do you have an addiction? Recognizing that you have a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step in realizing you need help.

If you relate to the issues above, this could signify you have an addiction. The good news is many resources can help you to overcome the addiction. Our addiction recovery professionals can help you get into the program that is right for you. We want to help you overcome addictive behaviors, develop healthy thought patterns and break from the addictive lifestyle you are living.

Am I an addict? If you answer yes to this question or even think you have an addiction, contact us today to get help overcoming your addiction.