What Works Best for Inpatient Rehab Centers in New Jersey?

How Do You Find Good Inpatient Rehab Centers in New Jersey?

So, how do you find good rehab centers in New Jersey? That seems to be the million-dollar question right now. There isn’t a shortage of rehab centers in New Jersey. Scarcity is not the problem here. It’s more an issue of being able to weed through all the choices and find what is going to be the best fit for you or your loved one, isn’t it? Rather than becoming overwhelmed with all the options and all the bullet points on a dozen different websites – let’s just start simple. The most logical place to start is by identifying your needs or the needs of the person you’re trying to help.

With that in mind, make a short list with the answers to these questions:

  1. Will the person experience physical withdrawal symptoms if they were to abruptly stop using or drinking right now?
  2. Is this person willing to go to one of the rehab centers in New Jersey, or at least willing to talk about it?
  3. Does this person have a diagnosis like depression or anxiety, or do you have good reason to believe they may have a co-occurring disorder like that?
  4. Are they covered under any type of health insurance?
  5. Do they have family would be willing to help financially and/or help with watching pets or transportation to the treatment center?
  6. Who are this person’s allies? Who is ready to provide them with emotional support and encouragement to follow through with treatment?

Wait, Why are you Asking Me Questions?

You might be surprised that in an article about finding the best inpatient rehab centers in New Jersey, the attention is on the patient instead of the rehab. There’s a good reason for this though. The fact is there are dozens of rehabs in NJ. But there is only one prospective patient we are talking about here. You must understand: A.) What exactly does this person needs help with? B.) What resources they have, like insurance, to help them get it? and C.) How willing they are and who will back them up and support them? All three of those factors will play a role in your decision making here.

We’ll explain:

  • WITHDRAWAL:  If the person will experience physical withdrawal symptoms if they stop using or drinking, choose an NJ drug rehab which is connected to a medical detox.
  • WILLINGNESS:  Are they willing to get help? If they aren’t, you should think about a rehab that works with a professional interventionist who can help you.
  • CO-OCURRING DISORDERS: Does this person have a secondary issue like depression or trauma? If so, you will want a dual-diagnosis rehab center in NJ.
  • INSURANCE: If there is health insurance, contact a program that can verify benefits to let you know what inpatient rehab centers in New Jersey might accept your plan.
  • FAMILY: Now is the time to reach out to loved ones if they can help smooth the path to recovery by lending a hand financially or with planning.
  • SUPPORT: Find allies and people who can provide emotional support, motivation and encouragement. Keep the momentum going until the person is in rehab.

What About the Details of Rehab Centers in New Jersey?

It’s easy to feel like you need to be a treatment expert to make an informed decision here. Rest assured, you do not. The most important thing is that you understand the needs of the person who is going to treatment. That is number one. The second thing is to make sure that you’re aware of the resources that person has to go to treatment. Finally you want to make sure that you know who will help that person get there. If you know all of these things then you’ve got most of what you need to make an intuitive decision. Still, there are things that you are helpful to know about rehab centers in New Jersey. These things apply to all rehab centers of course, regardless of where they are located.

Put us to Work for You

NJ Rehabs is a resource to help you make these decisions and find the best path forward for you and the people you love. Regarding the program specifics, we have several articles you can drill down into to get more information that is relevant to you in choosing rehab centers in New Jersey. Here is an article if you are looking for treatment for a person living with alcoholism. Maybe you are struggling with opioid dependence. In that case, here’s an article that gets into the specifics about opioid treatment. As you narrow down and focus your needs and resources, you will find that this geyser of overwhelming information out there slows to a manageable flow. It’s all about narrowing your focus early so that you don’t become overwhelmed with stuff that isn’t relevant to your situation.

Getting Help

NJ Rehabs has helped hundreds of families pull their loved ones from the gates of despair into the light of recovery. We’re happy to do the same for you and be of service in any way that we can. If you have any questions about addiction treatment in NJ, we can help. Give us a call at (973) 858-5125 or write us an email at help@njrehabs.org