What is Partial Hospitalization for Substance Abuse?

What is partial hospitalization for substance abuse? PHP or partial hospitalization programs offer intensive treatment for people who have a drug or alcohol addiction. The patient stays at the facility for most of the day, but they can go back to their sober living house in the evening and night. A partial hospitalization program substance abuse offers more treatment time than outpatient programs. There are many inpatient alcohol and drug rehab facilities that offer PHP. 

If you attend a partial care program, the doctors and nurses will monitor your physical and mental health. They will provide you with various evidence-based treatments. The focus of partial hospitalization programs is to offer comprehensive care for people who have an addiction while still allowing those people to live a life outside of the treatment facility. Many people have had great success with their sobriety and recovery after leaving a partial hospitalization program. 

Treatments in Partial Hospitalization Programs 

Each PHP facility offers various treatment plans. They usually individualize the treatment plan to fit the needs of each person in the program. However, there are some common treatments in these programs that can benefit you. Some of these treatments include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: Core treatment in PHP that helps to reduce negative thought patterns and create healthier patterns that lead to positive behaviors 
  • Individual therapy: Work one-on-one with a therapist to work through personal issues and obstacles, along with setting goals to stay clean and in recovery
  • Group therapy: Work with a therapist and others who are in recovery to create a healthier recovering lifestyle 
  • Support groups: Groups that allow you to gather with others who have similar goals in their recovery – you can learn from and help one another 
  • Art therapy: Therapy that encourages creativity to help you express emotions and work through your feelings
  • Nutrition and fitness therapy: Helps encourage you to eat better and exercise regularly – both of these help people to get and stay clean and in recovery
  • Co-occurring disorder treatments: Offers treatment for addiction and mental health issues

These are some of the treatments you may receive as part of the partial hospitalization program. 

People Who Can Benefit from Partial Hospitalization for Substance Abuse

Are you wondering if you would benefit from a partial hospitalization program? 

Many people could benefit from this type of program. Some of the people who would get the most from PHP include:

  • Those who have a mild to moderate alcohol or drug addiction
  • People with severe addiction who can’t attend an inpatient program 
  • Those who have been in an inpatient program but still need intense treatment
  • People in recovery who need additional support to stay clean 
  • Those who need mental health treatment along with addiction treatment
  • People who have other responsibilities such as a job or children 
  • Those who can’t afford inpatient treatment 

There are many addiction treatment programs available to you. If you fall into any of these categories, you may want to call us to enroll in a partial hospitalization for substance abuse program. 

People Who Might Not Receive Benefits from PHP

Some people should attend an inpatient program rather than a partial hospitalization program for substance abuse. Some people who may not benefit as much from PHP but might get more from inpatient treatment include:

  • Those who have a history of trauma or abuse
  • People who have a family history of addiction
  • Those with a co-occurring disorder
  • People who have had a relapse in the past
  • Those who don’t have a strong support system

Do you fall into any of these categories? If so, you may want to check more into inpatient treatment instead of PHP. You will likely have a higher chance of success through an inpatient program if you relate to these situations. 

Getting the Right Treatment for Your Addiction

There are many treatments you can receive to help overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Partial hospitalization for substance abuse programs are often very effective. 

Have you been to an inpatient program but still need intensive treatment? Can you not afford inpatient treatment but need a very supportive environment to overcome your addiction? Are you looking for a treatment program that will allow you to connect with others in recovery and receive support from doctors and nurses? Do you need to attend a rehab facility that will provide you with an individualized treatment plan? 

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may find that partial hospitalization for substance abuse is the proper treatment for your addiction. PHP can help to increase your chances of success with getting clean and into recovery. 

Do you want to learn more about partial hospitalization for substance abuse? Are you ready to enroll in PHP? If so, contact us today to get started.