Substance Abuse Disorder

Substance Abuse Disorder

When you can stop, you don’t want to, and when you want to stop, you can’t… – Luke Davies

Substance abuse disorder also known as substance use disorder (SUD) is a condition where the use of substances like drug and alcohol lead to health problems and distress. Substance abuse can trigger physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms that ultimately cause issues at home, at work, loss of control, tolerance for the substance, hazardous use, and interpersonal life crisis. 

Drug dependence and addiction are major components of substance abuse disorder. The severity of this condition varies widely from mild, to moderate or severe. Addiction is mostly classed as a severe substance abuse disorder. 

Several people struggle with substance abuse disorder. It could be your loved one, your friend, or you. Some either don’t realize or can’t admit that they are experiencing substance abuse disorder. And very few get the help and solutions they need. Read on as we explore this subject including treatment of the condition. 

What do the Stats Say?

Addiction in America kills thousands of people every year and also affects millions of lives negatively. Statistics show that up to 21 million Americans have an addiction and only 10% of this large number get treatment. In New Jersey, drug overdose deaths have increased by 51% over a 14-year period. 

What are the Causes?

There is no specific cause of substance abuse disorder. Rather, there are factors that directly influence it. These factors include peer pressure, environmental stress, depression, anxiety, genes, and the action of a drug. Hence, children who grow up watching their parents abuse drug and alcohol, have a higher risk of taking a similar path sometime in their lives.

What are the signs and Symptoms?

  • Continuous substance abuse
  • Confusion
  • Hostility during confrontations about drug dependence and drug treatment
  • Violence
  • Inability to stop drug and alcohol use
  • Social withdrawal
  • Lack of care for appearance, health, or overall life
  • Inability to function without drug use

What is the Treatment?

The truth is, substance abuse disorder is not easy to treat. It will take time, commitment, and effort but what’s important is that drug treatment or complete recovery is possible. This is where treatment centers come in.

A drug rehab or alcohol rehab is a course of treatment for substance abuse disorder in a treatment center.  The treatment begins with acceptance. Without the affected person realizing and accepting that there is a problem, treatment will be harder than it has to be.

The next stages are slow withdrawal, and physical and emotional support alongside other vital steps. Finding the best drug rehab facility is important to help you or your loved one get your desired results. First, identify the treatment centers close to you and find out about their goals. Do they offer full support until recovery? Or do they deal with just one part of the problem like detoxification? You have to ensure they have professionals and doctors who specialize in drug treatment or substance abuse disorder treatment. To ease your stress, you can reach out to us to connect you with rehabs that provide the help you need.