Rehab For Crack


Rehab For Crack

Rehab For Crack

Cocaine is the easiest drug to get addicted to and taking it just once can make you want more. People who deal on crack know this, and they capitalize on it to make money. 

Since the high from crack doesn’t last, an individual will start to see the need to have a constant crack supply; this craving can lead to crimes like robbery, theft, sometimes prostitution, and in extreme cases, murder. 

A crack addict would lose family, integrity, friends, home, job, and even life. It is important for such an individual to seek help fast from any treatment center

How To Know You’re Ready for Rehab 

If you experience the following, then you are ready for drug rehab:

1.      Exhausted from the constant roller coaster 

2.      Desiring to feel normal once again 

3.      A desire to fix ruined relationships 

Getting a crack addict to get over it may seem like an impossible feat, but all you need to do is find a drug rehab center that offers help. 

What is Rehab for Crack Like? 

There is inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug rehab. Inpatient drug rehab is most important because crack is extremely addictive and the cravings could go on for months. Below are a few services offered:

1.     The Assessment Stage 

Upon getting into the rehab, you will be assessed by a professional, to evaluate the level of cocaine dependency, both mental and chemical. Your mental health is checked to confirm if there are any mental illnesses that act as contributing factors to the addiction. Finally, a treatment plan is determined and monitored from time to time with room for updates or change where/when necessary. 

2.      Detox Stage 

This is a difficult stage because withdrawal symptoms become chronic as a detox from crack happens. Sometimes, some patients may get depressed as a result of the plummeting of dopamine levels, and this can lead to suicide ideation. At this stage, you are monitored as closely as possible. 

3.     Psychotherapy Stage 

This is where counseling and therapy take place. You will learn healthy living, overcoming addictions, family reparation and if you have any mental illness, it will be treated too. 

4.     Educational Stage 

At the drug rehab centerthere are educational sessions set up to help the patients understand how the CNS and the brain works and how they react to cocaine. This helps equip them better to overcome the addiction, making the program a lot more effective. 

5.     Support Service Stage 

In the drug rehab centerthere are also support systems or services put in place to offer support to the patients. Sometimes, if there are none, you will be referred to an organization that offers support services. 

What Medications are prescribed to Cocaine Addicts? 

Apart from psychotherapy, a good rehab will also administer medication to the patients. Presently, there are no medications approved by the FDA for treating cocaine dependence. However, there are a few medications that have been tested including Baclofen, Topiramate, Disulfiram, and Tiagabine. 

It’s okay if you or your loved one feel stranded and doesn’t know where to begin, you can reach us and we’ll help you be on your way to living your healthiest, most productive life!